Before & After Care

Sugaring is the least painful way to remove hair, but you are still removing hair from the follicle, it still hurts! It’s best to expect the worst, so it won’t be that bad. Here are some tips you can be prepared for your first timers or existing.

1. Before you get sugaring, make sure your hair is 1/8 inch long at least.
2. Take Advil or some anti-inflammatory that your doctor approves. This will help with the pain.
3. Make sure you are not Ovulating! It is not advised that you get your first Sugaring when you are ovulating. You ovulate 12 days after your period starts. Your body is more sensitive and the pain is doubled.
4. Wearing tampon would be a good idea, if you are having period for your appointment and you really need to get it done.

After Care

Exfoliate your skin 2 days after your sugaring procedure by gently exfoliates every day to remove built up dead skin cells that can clog the surface of your skin and trap hair, causing it to became ingrown.
Look for cleansers that contain salicylic Acid. It is advised not to exfoliate every day to prevent dryness that causes sensitivity to your skin surface.



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